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We offer creative consulting services covering a wide range of business needs. Whether you're just getting started or you're well on your way we're here to help.
Scenarios our consultations can help...
  • You've got a great marketing idea but need assistance with mapping out a plan to implement.


  • Debating whether you need a social media manager to take the helm but need more information on how it works.


  • You have social media accounts set up but you're not sure which channel to focus on in order to reach your target audience.


  • You have a website up and running but you're struggling to make site edits throughout and need someone to show you how.


  • You're confident you can tackle daily content publishing but you want to review best practices within a specific platform.

Close up of woman's hand holding a pen over an  opened writing journal, Image by Hannah Olinger

Consultations allow us to listen, learn, and ask the appropriate questions. Through this candid process clients typically receive enough information to determine the next best steps. Existing clients can also schedule a consultation as a check-in, because periodically recharging with a brainstorming session is never a bad idea. Consultations are priced by the hour and while we think they're most enjoyable in person they can surely be accomplished online or over the phone. 

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