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Is VERO the next big thing?

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Pretty much over the weekend an App known as Vero has all the sudden reemerged. Originally launched in 2015 the App quickly fell off the top 45 trending app list. So why the come back? Are people really that fed up with Instagram's algorithms? Vero, which means "truth" states in their manifesto (see their Twitter feed: [VeroTrueSocial] that their wish is to offer a social media platform free of advertising, that's right, means their business model is 100% subscription based, meaning chronological posts with real time feeds without paid advertising.

According to Forbes it doesn't stand a chance in playing with the big dogs...Facebook and Instagram. And unless it's picked up by Google or Apple in the near future you'd be best not to put your brand on it... Here's the link to Forbes full article

Vero's creator says the first million sign-ups will be free of an annual fee for life as a thank you. Isn't that bait to sign up right there? In the meantime, Lux Media Design recommends reserving a spot on Vero's platform, even if you don't use it just won't want to be the one paying for an annual subscription. We signed up for an account yesterday only to be kicked off the app about every 30 seconds so it's hard to offer any feedback on the user interface. What we did see is a different twist with the ability to add your favorite books and movies (sort of like Facebook really) and also the ability to categorize your close friends, your acquaintances and your followers as well you can set 3 different avatars for each category and control who sees what in your posting. But hashtagging seems all the same...It will be interesting to see if this App really has what it takes to sway the users of both Facebook and Instagram which have been built up online over the last ten plus years! Stay tuned.



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